Eighth day of our exchange 2019

This morning we finalized our questions for the street interview. We had six questions that we asked a range of people: old and young, men and women, tourists and locals. After lunch, we discussed the results of this questionnaire, which gave us interesting and nice insights into the type of people who live in Tübingen. All in all, it was a positive experience. After a short break, we started to work on our political videos/films, which are about women’s rights. You can find the videos here:
In the evening, we continued with our church time and ended the great day with singing songs whilst the sun went down.

Laura and Zofia



Seventh day of our exchange 2019

After breakfast, we met in the meeting room for a brainstorming session about women’s rights. Next, we visited Frauen*projektezentrum (where women are helping other women) – After that we had lunchtime. In the afternoon some of us went swimming and the other ones went shopping or for a walk in the city. Then we had dinner and later a discussion about the topics we have created earlier at the brainstorming session. We discussed, for example, the topics work and babies, women’s rights worldwide, pink tax and sexual education. After that, we had our church time and then we had a movie night. We watched a film called “Mulan”. It was an interesting day.

Aleksandra and Yvonne


Frauen*projektezentrum –

Sixth day of our exchange 2019

We started our day at 8 am with breakfast. Then, at 9 am, we met in our room and Jette, Laura, Meli and Yvonne explained the next game. It was called: explore Tübingen city. Then we started with the game. It was a great game and we loved the tasks. When we finished the game we had free time in the city and we were shopping. At 12:15 we had lunch, it was very good. Then after lunch, we met to see all of our funny pictures. At 14 o’clock we started with team building games. They were a little bit difficult. When we were finished we did a compass exercise called “Frontpage”. We had to design a front page of a magazine. Then at 16 o’clock, we went to a Stocherkahn. It was a nice trip and it was very funny. After that, we went to a chapel where we had our church time. It was impressive. After church time we went back to our hostel and had dinner. After dinner, we had our free time. We all went to the city and did some shopping. It was really great.

Amelia and Jenny


Fifth day of our exchange 2019

Wednesday was our moving day. We had a little surprise at 8am: unexpectedly we had to clean our rooms till 9 am, so we all had to hurry! Then we had a national group meeting with our leaders. For lunch, we had Käsespätzle and ice cream for dessert. And after that, we went for a walk through the forest. At 3 pm we drove off to Tübingen. We arrived at the youth hostel (Jugendherberge) and learned about Youth-Pass. After that, we had some free time, which we could use to explore the city. At 10 pm we met again and sang a few songs in the name of God.

Natalia and Jette



Fourth day of our exchange 2019

Today we started our day by preparing our schedule and we drew a lot of funny things on it. Like every day next we had breakfast. After that, we played a game with a whistle. That was really good. At 10 a.m. we learned a lot of information about the Erasmus+ Program. Next, we had our cleaning party. We cleaned everything with our friends and music. At 11 a.m. we started our peer learning zone workshops. First, we were writing and doing yoga. On writing workshop, we wrote a screenplay about women’s rights.
We had a lot of fun with it. Yoga was also interesting and relaxing. During yoga, we felt all our muscles. We were so tired but next, we had lunch with a wok pan. That was delicious. After lunch, we continued our workshops. We were baking and ballet. We made white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, which we ate later in our coffee break.
At 1 p.m. we started the third part of peer learning zone with theatre and doing jewellery. At the theatre, we had a lot of fun and it was very interesting. We have played several games. Jewellery workshops were very interesting, we did bracelets from wool.
I did one and I’ll take it home, so it will remind me of this day. Next was BBQ with sausages, grilled cheese and vegetables. That was really good food. On 7 p.m. we went to the bonfire and made stick bread. We loved it. Last but not least we had church time with special prayers we wrote.

Helen and Ewelina


Third day of our exchange 2019

What a day! So many things happened already. We started our day with tasty breakfast with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and antihistamine food too so everyone could eat as much as needed. Then we all attended a self-assertion course, where we learned self-defence techniques in case we’ll someday need to defend ourselves. After the lunch break, we continued until 16 o’clock. We were going to have a cleaning party, but fortunately, we could do it the next day. After national group meetings, where we talked about the course, we gathered outside because of the sunny weather and had church time with evening prayer and a few songs. We ate dinner and then came the time to start our polish evening. Everyone was excited because we were going to learn how to make pierogi. Also, we’ve seen a presentation about famous polish women fighting for women’s rights and listened to a lecture about Polish and Slavic mythology. Then we had a little party with polish music and sweets. All in all, we dare to say that the day went well and we’ve learned a lot of new things.

Selina and Filipina

IMG_1978 — kopiaIMG_2072IMG_2109

Second day of our exchange 2019


Sunday morning we „the leaders of the day” woke up earlier because we had to prepare a schedule and our church time. We like church time because we come together as a family. After church time we played team-building games. It was funny, especially the game called „the sculpture of love”. Two people stand and one person must show the „love” between them. After the team-building games, we ate delicious lunch and after this, we took a rest. After the short break, we had a Compass exercise called „Work and Babies”. We discussed women having a job and planning to have children. We also realised how hard it is for every woman. The mothers often experience discrimination and sometimes blackmail (like „if you want to have a baby while working for our company, we will fire you”). This was important for all of us. In the evening the german group prepared a german evening. They showed us some traditional food and made a quiz about Germany. At the end of the evening, we tasted german sweets, like chocolate (ritter sport) and Haribo gummy bears. We also danced to german music and we were tired we fell asleep.

Maria and Constanze